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Good stories are always worth it!!

Hello again, my dear friends and fellow addicts!! Today we are proud to bring you a real treat, one of those releases that will keep your eyes glued to the screen and mark you for life... it's another 1x2, but even if Duo and Heero are not your thing, you should give still this story a go. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!!

Year 2222 Picnic
by Tomoe Kawashima

Tomoe Kawashima, and her circle Cannibalism, is one of those authors you really *really* do not want to miss if you are a die-hard Gundam Wing fan. Her success is not due only to her really pleasant drawing style, with her round lines, flying flocks and large eyes –although it would be a very good reason to stand in itself– but to something way more original: her talent to design amazingly engaging, well-thought and complicate plots.

Her stories are always long, angsty and passionate... and it fact they would be able to make a fantastic original manga series on it's own. Moreover, her depiction of the characters is simply beautifully crafted, showing all the g-pilots as flawed human beings, scarred by their past and burdened by their own decisions. But still pushing forward in search of their deserved, yet unlikely, happy ending.

I don't really want to give anything away of today's release so I will give you only the basics: In a deserted, postapocaliptic world, the ex-gundam pilots Duo and Trowa roam the Earth searching desperately for their missing comrades... or any other human beings for that instance. Through a series of flashbacks and time leaps we will be able to catch some pieces of the puzzle and maybe understand what came to pass... and why the survivors looks so haunted.

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Enjoy! (and please tell us what you think about this heart-wrenching story!)
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