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Gundam Wing Santa makes a comeback!!

Merry Christmas, my dear friends!! It seems RL has been holding us hostages for a while, but we managed to scape just in time to bring a wonderful gift for all Gundam Wing lovers out there!! And you won't even have to look under your Christmas Tree!!!

Zoku Tsuki no Kodomo (Book 1 of 4)
by Kume Natsuo

Yes! You eyes are not deceiving you! This is, finally, the first book of the last installment in the whole Tsuki no Kodomo Universe! It's the retelling of 'Endless Waltz' in NATTU's style! It doesn't quite follow the OVA's as closely as it did with the series, but you will be surprised at how well the original sub-plots mix with the story. Enriching it and creating even more angst sources for our dear G-pilots!

After Colony 198. Following the events of Garasu no Tsuki, Duo and Heero are living happily together in their house in Mars and –in spite of the constant rumours of an imminent war– everything is as perfect as it could be. But in Christmas Eve a terrible news spreads like wildfire: Relena Peacecraft has been kidnapped. And now the pilots will have to figh again for what they believe it's right. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman receives her next assassination mission...

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Enjoy! (and may everybody have a wonderful Christmas! ^O^/)
Tags: author:kume natsuo, circle:nattsu, downloads, pairing:2x1, series:zoku tsuki no kodomo, status:complete
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