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The End of a Project, The Start of a New Year!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, MY DEAR FRIENDS!! To start the year off on the right foot, the whole Todokanai staff wanted to bring you something special... so here we are with a double release that will put and end to our oldest unfinished project!! Now all our faithful followers and specially those patient 3x4 fans can enjoy this first day of 2011 to the fullest!! 

Crystalize (Chapter 06 & Epilogue)
by Kazuka Minami (aka Haruka Minami)

I can hardly believe we started to release this project three years ago! It was in fact, our fist Trowa/Quatre series and one of the first large projects we took upon ourselves! I feel a little nostalgic to finally see it complete but I must admit we were way overdue ^^;;;. It's been a wonderful ride! (and full of prettiness!).

Chapter Six is a short scene just before the last battle: Trowa has finally regained his memories, but Quatre, dominated by his guilt, is still avoiding him. Obviously, Trowa won't have none of it!! The Epilogue is situated in the hospital in which Quatre is recuperating from his wounds after the war is finally over. Trowa goes to visit him and it's the start of a whole new story...

All in all, a sweet and beautiful tale about redemption and brand new starts that will leave you warm inside!!

Chapter 06:
*Box* or *4shared*

*Box* or *4shared*

Hope you all have a wonderful year!! (full of Gundam Wing goodness! ^O^/)
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