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Not yet gone!

Long time no see, my fellow Gundam Wing addicts!! After a few months of absence in which Real Life has been a Really Demanding Bitch, we are here with the next installment of that 1x2 series you were missing like crazy! We do know how to make a comeback, huh?

War Stage 04 - Yoru ga nemurenai
by Yumi Moriyama

The fourth installment of this 1x2 epic masterpiece full of angsty moments covers the gap between episodes 23 and 24. Duo lets himself to be captured by OZ in order to have DeathScythe repaired and obviously also to be reunited with Heero again (that's never explicitly said in the series, but we know the truth! ;P). Regretfully, the braided pilot doesn't get a very warm welcome by either his captors or his fellow g-pilots. What will happen when Trowa, which is still undercover, is taunted by OZ soldiers to prove his loyalty? And how Heero, which is still in denial, react when he discovers what happened in that interrogation room?

To be honest, there has been half-translated copies of this book available around the net for ages, which means most of you probably know exactly what's going to happen (not that it's a surprise, poor Duo just doesn't seem to catch a break in this story) but you will realize that all conversations and thoughts make a lot more sense now in the context of Duo and Heero's quite unstable relationship. Because sometimes you have to give a step back in order to give two steps forward!

*Box* or *4shared*

Enjoy! (and let us know if you liked it! ^O^)
Tags: author:yumi moriyama, circle:trick star, downloads, pairing:1x2, series:war stages, status:complete
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