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Meeting your needs!

Hello there, dear Gundam Wing junkies! Another month has gone by and I bet most of you are craving for a fix right now. So here we are with a new wonderful release that we are sure will leave you completely satisfied!

by Enju Hasegawa

Today we are presenting you with another Heero/Duo doujin by the incredibly talented Enju Hasegawa and her amazing 1x2 circle Loose. True to her style –which most of you are familiar with, thanks to a previous story released exactly one year ago (heh!)– Hasegawa bring us again a masterful mix of comedy and drama, spiced with a surprising amount of character depth, and decorated with a breathtaking art to boot!! What else could we ask for?

As most of Loose's works, today's release is set in a post-Endless Waltz environment in which all the G-pilots are now an integral part of the Preventers force. Heero and Duo are living together in apparent domestic bliss. But their relationship is suddenly shattered when out of the blue the Heero kicks Duo out of the house without any apparent reason. Can Quatre find out what really went wrong and make the ex-perfect soldier realize he's giving away his only chance at happiness? (or something...).

*Box* or *4shared*

Have fun!! (and as usual let us know if you enjoyed it!! ^O^/)
Tags: author:enju hasegawa, circle:loose, downloads, pairing:1x2, status:complete
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