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An even better Halloween!

Hello there, my dearest Gundam Wing addicts!! After the sad announcement two weeks ago, and after seeing how incredibly awesome and understanding you all are (seriously, some of your comments nearly made us cry...) we pushed ourselves to bring you some happy news too. And isn't today the best day to give you a treat? (we promise it's not a trick!).

War Stage 05 - Kono Uchuu ni Tsubasa wo
by Yumi Moriyama

In this fifth installment of this awesome 1x2 centric story, we finally reach the juicy (not to mention wonderfully slashable) last ten episodes of Gundam Wing. Peacemillion time is a fan and author favorite because not only all five G-pilots are reunited under the same roof and with the same goals for the first time since the beginning of the series, but also it's the first time our star-crossed lovers see each other since their not too pleasant time as prisoners of OZ.

After the events of the previous book, we know Heero finally has finally come to accept the strength of his own feelings, but he also believes he's toxic for the braided pilot. Meanwhile, Duo is still completely unaware of the perfect soldier's change of mind, and he's completely convinced he doesn't deserve to be loved... Of course, more yummy emotional messiness ensues!!

Oh, and if you pay attention, you will realize that from this stage, there are some slightly different details that don't quite fit into the original timeline.. that's only a small taste from what's to come in future installments. Because Moriyama-san is not telling us what happened behind the scenes, she's actually rewriting history!! ;)

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Enjoy! (and have a spooky halloween! ^O^/)
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