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What's inside the Christmas stocking?

MERRY CHRISTMAS my dearest Gundam Wing Lovers!! It was touch and go there for a while and we weren't sure we'd make it but we can proudly give you our traditional Christmas Eve release! Yeah, it may not be a holiday-themed one-shot this year, but you can still enjoy it with a little bit of eggnog. After all, Gundam Wing was the one-year-war and it will always be synonym of Christmas!  ^__~

War Stage 06 - Uchuu wo Kakeru (First Half)
by Yumi Moriyama

Remember the hints I mentioned in the previous post? This is definitely the installment we were waiting for! We're not only reaching the final phase (with only the Second Half and an Epilogue left after this release) but the ending of this stage it's also the point from which everything changes. Moriyama-san doesn't just or gives us another interpretation of what happened in Gundam Wing through some BTS stuff with a yaoi slant, she goes full on insane and completely rewrites the story of the last few episodes!!

The G-pilots are still holed up in Peacemillion. But Relena has been captured and Heero has decided to go on a suicide mission to save her. Still, his unvoiced feelings are getting in the way, making him consider what his non-relationship with the braided pilot means in the grand scheme of things. Which obviously means the perfect soldier is yet again acting like bit of a jerk... jealous an demanding and confusing. Cold and hot in turns. Meanwhile Duo only wants for Heero not to throw away his life again. Even if that means taking matters into his own hands...

We are changing canon, ladies and gentlemen, and it's quite a memorable sight!! (you'll probably wish it had actually happened this way!).

*Box* or *4shared*

Enjoy!!! (and, may everybody have the best Christmas EVER! ^O^/)
Tags: author:yumi moriyama, circle:trick star, downloads, pairing:1x2, series:war stages, status:complete
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