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A little bit of Christmas Magic!!

We have wonderful news, my fellow Gundam Wing junkies!

I bet a lot of you are confused we are releasing a completely new doujin after this announcement, aren't you?. Well, it was a surprise for us too! Not long after that ominous post, some members of the wonderful Brazilian scanlation group Masoquist Scans BR approached us with an incredibly generous offert we just couldn't refuse: They not only wanted to retranslate our previous releases to Portuguese but also, since we were about to close, offered to translate some of our Gundam Wing raw scans not only to Portuguese, but to English too!!

I'm a little ashamed of calling this a collaboration, since we only do the scanning, while they translate, clean and edit. But in spite of being 90% their hard work, they insisted we should release the English version here in Todokanai for all our dear faithful readers while they will release the Portuguese version in their webpage. So what does this mean? It means we are NOT closing down anymore, but instead starting a new era together with MSBR! And this new doujin is just the first step... Doesn't it feel a bit like Christmas Magic?

Fake Lips
by Enju Hasegawa

You should already be very familiar with the beautiful stories coming from talented Enju Hasegawa, as this would be the third doujin we release from her wonderful 1x2 circle Loose. So this is again a light-hearted story perfect for this time of the year, as it will lift all your spirits!

It start with Heero and Duo meeting again while looking for new spare parts at Howard's salvage boat... and from then on, even according to the very author, it's basically young guys making out! Hot, funny and really really sweet!

*English Version (Box)* or *English Version (Mega)*

And you can also download the *Portuguese Version* from MSBR's tumblr!

MERRY CHRISTMAS, my friends!! And If you enjoy this release, please don't forget to give your thanks to the awesome MSBR's team, for their amazing generosity helping us to keep the Gundam Wing love alive! ^O^/
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Thank you so much for all your dedicated work over the years!

And thanks to MSBR for this lovely surprise.
thank you so much! Merry X-Mas & Happy New Year!
Thank you for your hard work and have a Merry Christmas!!
Thank you for sharing
This is such a christmas miracle!!!
Thank you so much for the release and for the wonderful news! 😊
Merry Christmas. 🎅
Thank you so much.
Merry Christmas!

thank you very much for todays wonderful release and all the work you did to share, I'm happy to read!!!

Welcome back! Thanks so much for all of your hard work over the years, and thanks so much to MSBR!! I hope all of you have a very happy holiday season!!
Thank you so much and Merry Christmas!
Thank you and Happy Holidays!
It is so good to see you again and with this wonderful news, loved it!! I'm so happy!!!
Ary-chan is a wonderful lady I know her from her fics and translations, going to thanks Ary. I'm really thanks that you gave another chance for GW fandom.
Have a wonderful christmas!!!!
thank you so much:) and wish you merry xmas too!:)
this is really one of the most happiest news I have heard for a while I really thankful for all the new and old members efforts ^__^ ,

but please be-careful we don't want what happened to manga traders to happen to your site also T_T.
Thank you and the MSBR team for this wonderful release and
Merry Christmas!!
Thank you for making me happy :D
I'm so happy to be part of this project and that it is working out!! Thank you so much, Sinka, for your generosity. Todokanai has given us so much joy over the years; I hope we, from Masoquist BR, can give at least a little back. I promise to give my all to repay you, and for all of us to enjoy more GW doujins for many more years to come!
And thanks to everyone who commented! It means a lot to have this release well received.
Happy holidays to everyone and many hugs!

Yeah, as you can see everybody loves it, and with good reason because you did an outstanding job! This fandom may be small, but it's amazing and you will see they give back as much joy as they receive!

We are also incredibly happy with this collaboration. Barely a year ago we were struggling and thought we were closing for good... we simply couldn't hope for such an incredible outcome even in our wildest dreams! But now it's a new era, and in a lot of senses is even sweeter because it's a time of collaboration and of Gundam Wing fans sticking together to keep the love alive. Thank you SO much Aryam and the whole team of MSBR for helping us and basically taking over the fight!

Let's toast for a happy new year and a lot of more years together to celebrate! ((hugs))

It's a Christmas Miracle! I can't be more HAPPY!
This is such wonderful news! Thank you so much for this Christmas present - lots of love and gratitude to both your teams - thank you so much for this gift!
YAY! I'm so glad you guys founds a new partner since that means we get to read more of your wonderful now co-releases!!
Thank you very much. :) <3