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An end and a beginning!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, my dearest Gundam Wing addicts!! It's the first day of the year and –unless RL gives us a break– the last 100% todokanai release. But far from being a sad moment, it's the perfect way to mark the end of an era and to celebrate the start of a new one! We hope you have enjoyed these seven years of Todokanai releases –over a hundred doujins– as much as we have, and we also hope we will have many many more years of releases in collaboration with MSBR from now on!

War Stage 08 (epilogue) - Hana mo Arashi mo
by Yumi Moriyama

How to better start the new year with the right foot than with the long awaited very last installment of this rollercoaster that's been the War Stage series? Especially knowing that this epilogue includes basically everything we wanted and longed for: At last the angst is finally resolved and leaves place for lots of love and a surprising sweetness.

The war is over and seems everything is on the mending path. But Duo is still pretty confused about what happened. Did Heero really risk everything only for him? Did he mean what he said? So when the he sees Relena lovingly welcoming the savior of Earth and the Colonies after their landing, he's pretty sure the Perfect Soldier will remain by the Princess side, where everybody else seems to think he belong. So now it's time for Heero to clear the air once and for all and show how much he loves Braided Pilot. Because true love will always win!

*Box* or *Mega*

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