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New season and new release!!

Hey there my faithful friends! The summer just started and is there a better way to start the hottest season than spreading some Gundam Wing love? Well, of course there's also the beach, sun and holidays, but we are sure this delightful 1x2 will make the deal even sweeter!

by Fushiki Pa

You may already be familiar with the 1x2 circle PaPaPa (after all we released one of its stories only five years ago! ;P), but if you aren't, this is the perfect opportunity to discover it! Fushiki Pa's specialty are delicate drawings and even more delicate plots completely unlike any others you may have read. As she is a master at depicting slow paced slices of life of the ex-Gundam Pilots during their new life as Preventers in which we bare witness not of the dangers or explosions, but of the day-to-day small, private moments that actually make up life.

Today's release is one of those stories that feel absolutely realistic. A window to a larger story that started long before the first sketch and will continue long after the last page is turned. We get to see an upset Duo trying to handle past issues which are bleeding into peacetime, and a worried Heero which in his own sweet yet blunt and stalkerish way tries to help him through it. They have a confusing relationship (at least for Duo!) but we know that everything will work out in the end even if we don't get to see it, because all things that matter need to evolve on their own pace. In this case: slowly.

*English Version (Box)* or *English Version (Mega)*

And you can also download the *Portuguese Version* from MSBR's tumblr!

Enjoy! And don't forget to say thanks to the wonderful Masoquist Scans BR for making this release possible and keeping up amazing work!! ^O^/

ETA - Seems Box reached the maximun of download per month, so I uploaded the file also to mega so there is no problems downloading it!
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