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todokanai_gw's Journal

Todokanai - Gundam Wing Doujinshi Scanlations
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Welcome to Todokanai, a small team dedicated to spreading the love for the wonderful and rewarding world that is Gundam Wing. A series that must never be forgotten!!

Along the years GW has reunited some of the most talented doujinshi circles in Japan. I think such great histories don't deserve to be kept in the dark anymore. So it doesn't matter if you have known Gundam Wing for ten years or if you're completely new to the fandom, if you like good yaoi stories, please enter and discover what you've been missing! You won't regret it!!

Comments, reviews, constructive criticism, sugerences or votes for new projects are welcomed!!


Do you have a wonderful Gundam Wing doujinshi at home you would love to have translated? Are you willing to scan it for us? Then this is your chance!!

1) We accept ANY pairing! even unusal ones!! We are not limited to 1x2x1 or 3x4x3, so any combination between our favourite G-boys (and Treize of course) is more than welcomed!!

2) Sorry, not yuri or straight pairings. We are a yaoi group all the way! (and proudly so XD). Alghough as long as it's not the focus of the story, It's perfectly ok if there is a straigh or yuri pairing somewhere in the doujinshi (heck, in "Heero (Scarlet)" Wufei was with Sally, and I loved it!).

3) We need the scans to be really big (at least 200 dpi, what makes between 1000 & 1200 width). This makes them easier to edit and make good scanlations, and in case of being a doujinshi I don't have in my collection, it will make the translation easier too. I won't be able to translate a doujinshi if I can't read and identify all the characters!! ^^;;;.

4) Here's the catch: Regretfully, we won't be able to confirm if your doujinshi will actually be translated and released. Honestly, we are very small team so it will depend mainly of how many projects are we working at the moment and how much we like your doujin (obviously). If we accept your doujin it means we have in mind to translate it eventually, but we cannot guarantee it since RL can be a bitch!!

So please, drop me a line a PM with a list of the doujinshi you are willing to scan and we will see which ones we are interested in scanlating!

It would be helpful if you could send a list of the doujinshi you are willing to scan, the pairing, the circle and/or the author and a brief summary of what you can understand. Oh! and a little pic of the cover (plus a sample image of the inside) would be great too! since it's easier to take fancy of a doujinshi that way and know what are we exactly talking about! ^___^

Note: Right now I'm specially interested in 1x2x5, 1x5 and 2x5 doujinshi (since they are really hard to find). So if you have one and you are willing to share your scans I'll love you forever!!! Although any other pairing would be just as great!